Happy Zen Botanicals: Organic Skin Care

When my son Zen was born I fell instantly in love and instantly became weary of what went on his delicate skin. I have always been a naturalist and I always try and stay away from chemicals whenever possible but I never bothered looking into my skin care regime. I suffered from excema for most of my life and nothing ever seemed to help the outbreaks of dry scaly skin. I hated it. After much research into sulfates and other common ingredients used in beauty products I thought I pinpointed my problem.

After becoming so aware of all the harsh ingredients in most soaps and lotions I decided to keep my family away from them and I began making my own. I watched my excema clear up and my skin get softer as well as benefited from the natural power of essential oils.  My journey stared by helping my own family and has since turned into helping friends and friends of friends who all want to move into a more homeopathic way of life free of harmful chemicals. Now, I want to offer everyone else the same great products.

All of our products are 100% natural, no sulfates, preservatives or toxins. Easy to pronounce ingredients for an easy to use product you can feel good about using and giving to your family.

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