Sunday, April 5, 2015

Healing through oils

One of my new hats is a DoTerra seller. Doterra is an amazing essential oils company that I one hundred percent stand by. My goal for my future career is to become an Eastern medicine doctor with my own practice. I do not believe in the pharmaceutical industry and I do not believe they are trying to help but rather finding profit in the sick. With that said I am a personal believer in homeopathic remedies for myself and my family.

The reason I signed up in the first place is because I want to heal people and these oils can help me do that, but most people ask "where is the proof?" Well my mother was just recently diagnosed with lymphoma again for the second time in her life. Along with the lymphoma she has a whole myriad of other health issues including malnutrition, anemia, severe swelling in the legs, muscle and bone pain and the list goes on. At first, I was devastated at the news of my mothers current condition and then I realized.. I can heal her.

Today I started her health regime. My main goals are to pump as much nutrition into her as well as help ease her discomfort and help boost her immunities. I am hoping this combination along with ionized colloidal silver and maybe even CBDs I can cure her all together. She will start her day off with a high nutrition smoothie: Fresh fruit, juice, wheatgrass, coconut oil, spirulina, redmans clay, and lavender and frankincense. This smoothie will be enough of a nutritional boost that she will get most of her daily nutrition from it. As for supplements she will be taking a daily multivitamin and also msm and glucosimine to help her body absorb the nutrients. Also daily she will be having a protein drink and plenty of plant based foods. Also I will be using a lotion of coconut oil, frankincense, lavender and magnesium oil on her legs to help reduce swelling.

As a disclaimer I would like to say I am NOT a doctor and I in no way encourage people to not seek professional assistance nor do I claim that what I am doing is a definite cure. Every person is different with variations in their bodies and illnesses and I cannot say that what works for one person works for them all. Everyone should consult their physicians before a change in diet or before supplementing.

I hope to one day bring people the success story of my mother as their proof. I want to show the world what is really possible through homeopathic medicine and I cannot wait to document this experience and see the results.

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