Friday, June 19, 2015

Inner Light: Empowering your inner goddess

Every day we wake up to a challenge. We wake up having to deal with the world and all that is in it and if you all are anything like me that is difficult. We see all the things we feel helpless to change and it crushes our spirit. we deal with negativity, low-vibrational people, desensitized media and the like and after a while that inner spark, that inner light sort of dims down.

Today I awoke ready to reignite that inner fire, my passion, my inner goddess. I am a very passionate person especially when it comes to the health and safety of my family but also about my spirituality. Today I opened myself up to universe and meditated on my inner self and what it was that drives me and I began to awaken that light.

In my core I am a healer and a lightworker. I want to watch people grow and continue down a healthy path guided by the universe. This is what I feel called to do and as I continue to pursue this calling the more confident and empowered I feel. The hardest thing to do in this life is find our calling but when we find it we must go after it to feed our higher selves.

Unfortunatly, it is not always that simple. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed and that is completely understandable. The Gita talks about having to complete ones duties unattached. If we are not attached to the fruits of the labor we preform we can then let go long enough to pursue our passions. For example, lets say you work at a grocery store and the amount of hours you work is perfect to pay your bills and support your family. Now lets say your boss offers you extra hours but during a time that you do something you enjoy like surfing. If you are attached to the fruits of your labor (in this case that is money) you will miss out on what you love to do! Who is to say the universe won't reward you for pursuing something that feeds your inner light? Who is to say you could not make a buisness out of surfing or whatever it is you want to pursue?

Our passions are what feed our inner light. So I am giving you all permission to let out your inner goddess or god and really let your light radiate from inside you! show the world your passion with no regrets or attachment. Feed that inner self that part of you that makes you confident and empowered.

Today I practiced yoga in nature on my dock at the lake. I gave the sun salutations as it rose up over the California mountains and I asked the sun and universe to help set fire to my inner goddess and bring her to surface. I focused on goddess pose and also fish pose.


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