Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Self Love: Opening our hearts

Today I woke up, got on my mat and just felt bad. I felt bad about my looks, about myself in general really. So instead of just jumping into my normal practice I sat down and looked to myself and the universe for answers.

Reflecting back I can't pinpoint why I felt bad about myself but the feeling I received told me it did not matter. Rather, what mattered is that I let the feeling go.

Inside all of us is a beautiful soul. And our outer bodies are beautiful vessels for those souls. We are all fractal pieces of the universe and we are all connected and loved. Self love comes from inner acceptance and also unattachment of material ideas. If we lose weight will we love ourselves more? If we change our physical features will we love ourselves more? Or will giving up those human ideals bring about greater self acceptance. We don't need to look far to find ourselves.

Today my practice was full of heart openers and perspective changers. I love hanumanasana as a heart opener and headstands as a perspective changer. I focused on loving my body through my practice and thanking my body for all the amazing functions it preforms for me.

The only person we need to impress is ourselves. Once we embrace our inner beauty and inner goddess we embrace the universe and the love that it has to offer. Each day is beautiful, just like your soul and heart.


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