Thursday, June 11, 2015

With a calm mind we listen: Listening to our higher selves

It is my firm belief that we as humans like to get comfortable. We do things on repetition until it becomes second nature and that's where I was at with my yoga practice. A couple sun salutations, maybe throw in some backbends some balancing poses and the like and then finish it all off with savasana. It was great! Stretched all those pesky kinks out, finished with meditation to set my intention for the day and there is nothing wrong with getting comfortable in your routine. We all need to find that balance and comfort because that is where we find peace and habit.

I felt the universe calling out to me though. I felt my body telling me it was ready for more, it was ready to bend balance and show its new strength. So I complied. I got on my mat and timed my practice to my mantra something I had never done before and I pushed my body to things I never thought I could do. Something amazing happened. My mind spirit and body all worked together in a dance of the asanas. As my body moved in and out of poses and stretches my mind became less cluttered and my spirit became lighter. I was free of my material self for the first time.

At the end of my practice I came into savasana, not out of habit but out of need. My muscles were worked I was drenched in sweat and I let my body rest while my mind fell away and my soul took over.

Sometimes the universe calls out and we believe it to be more than we can handle but if we put our faith in the universe and our souls inside us we truly can accomplish great things and experience something divine. In yoga there is something very common you hear "listen to your body" I think every teacher I ever had told me that and I even catch myself saying it, but there is nothing truer. We are all on this journey of self discovery but we cannot expect to all have the same experience. We must look inside ourselves to what our own personal needs are. When we find our true higher self we find our greater purpose.

So today's lesson: listen to your bodies my fellow yogis, sometimes we may surprise ourselves with what we are truly capable of.


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