Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer time detox time

I like to use the word "detox" very loosely. Our bodies naturally detox, and have an amazing detoxing system including the liver, kidneys and colon. So when I hear all the hype surrounding detox pills, drinks, etc. I get a little agitated that these companies are taking credit for a perfected body function.

What these "detoxes" actually do is support your bodies natural ability to expel harmful and toxic substances. I only bring this up because I want all of us to appreciate our amazing wonderful bodies. So, how do I support my body you ask?

I like to follow tradition. Fasting has been around forever and is even mentioned biblically when Jesus fasted for 40 days. According to ayurvedic knowledge fasting is considered an austerity or depriving the senses and that is what brings us closer to enlightenment. Fasting also allows the body to naturally reset so to speak. We give our GI track a break and our organs a chance to catch up.

I don't like to fast completely. When fasting I drink up to a gallon of mineral water with lemon a day (also aids in detoxification and alkalizing the body), as well as drinking spirulina and wheatgrass because I enjoy treating my body well and that includes keeping it nourished.

This time around I will also be taking some liver support and a parasitic cleanse with black walnut and wormwood extract.

By giving my body a break and allowing it to naturally reset I am opening myself up for spiritual and mental health as well. When we feel good about ourselves our outlook on life becomes clearer.

For today's practice I really worked on some detoxifying twists. Making sure to twist from my core (like wringing out a towel) rather than going for cracking my back, this way it massages out my organs getting those muscles and fluids working. I stayed away from inversions today so that way my bodies natural flow was not disturbed by gravity. It is very important to listen to your body and know what is best to acomplish your goal in your practice. Much of the time we strive to continue practicing those asanas we haven't mastered, for me those are inversions, and though I wanted to keep practicing it is not the right time for my body while I cleanse my system.

Remember to work with nature not against it and in the end the universe will reward those who are knowledgeable. How do you detox fellow yogi?


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