Tuesday, June 9, 2015

No matter where on this journey...

Today I want to talk about my journey and what led me to yoga and clean eating. We all have a story and regardless of where we are on this path the beggining, the middle, or perhaps we have mastered it. We will all end up where we want to be.

My journey started my freshman year of high school. I was overweight, I felt out of place and I needed an outlet. At the time sports weren't really my thing, so I looked to yoga. I found an article about it in a fitness magazine and I took that as inspiration. The natural flexibility,strength and balance awed me and I wanted to be able to bend my body like they did, I wanted to look like them. Little did I know there was much more to it than that.

I started at the library. A book on healthy eating and a book of all the asanas. Flipping through the pages I vowed to myself I would execute every one of them one day. I started in to the asanas but I did not make it a practice instead I focused on stretching my body to limits I should not of crossed, entered into poses I wasn't ready for and hurt myself a few times. I loved the way the beginner poses made me feel but I was missing something and eventually I returned the books and I stopped.

A few years later during my junior year I started soccer and during summer practice I started back in to yoga with actual classes. I fell in love with vinyasa. The movement and breath and overall feeling of stillness and calm really spoke to me. Clean eating followed by natural progression.

I am still on this journey, still learning bending and trying. I don't ever see my life without yoga and meditation I hope my story can inspire you to never give up, to keep on moving until you find your niche.

Namaste my friends

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