Sunday, June 21, 2015

Freeing the soul

Wow my friends, I have had the most emotionally physically and mentally draining last day, one of proportions that I never experienced before. At one point my vibration dropped so low I contemplated what it would be like to free my spirit of this place.

I have battled anxiety and depression for quite some time and that is one of the reasons I turned to meditation a few years ago. Sometimes though, even through deep and heavy meditative practices this ugly low vibrational feeling rears its ugly head and I am then forced to deal with it head on.

There is always a time in life where we have to deal on a low vibration or in other words deal with negative emotions and feelings. For me this came in a giant wave over the last two days. The first day I turned to my mat, the second day all I could do was savasana an deep meditation. Today, I am still reflecting.

I am reflecting on attachment today. In all reality that is where this all stemmed from. Being attached to opinions, being attached to emotions being attached to situations. If I could just let go and free my mind of the bonds it created, the bonds my ego feeds off of I could then free my spirit of them and truly find sumati.

I have reached a point in my journey that I have to overcome. Like a mountain this attachment stands before me. Like climbing a mountain I will stumble I will fear I will get to the tip and put it behind me.

I have faith in the universe to help me and to guide my soul to where it needs to be. With this faith I know I will be okay, I just need to get over this speed bump.

What are your mountains?


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